Lord Nelson Property

The property located 34 kilometres east of Stewart, BC is comprised of 2630 ha in 6 separate claims. The property is located along contact zone of volcanics to the west and sediments to the east.

Decade has the right to earn up to a 55% interest in the Lord Nelson property under the following terms:

  • Payment of $100,000 over 4 years with an initial payment of $10,000.
  • Issuing 400,000 shares of Decade on signing.
  • Issuing an additional $90,000 of Decade stock over a 4 year period.
  • Expenditures of $2,000,000 over 5 years.

Decade has the right to earn an additional 20% by placing the property into production.  Teuton retains a 2% Net Smelter Royalty.   The agreement is subject to TSX Venture approval.

Highlights of the property include:

  • Grab sampling in 2019 on the Lord Nelson near the boundary with the Del Norte property yielded 0.25 to 272 g/t (8 oz /t) gold and 60 ppm to 45 % copper. A photo of a mineralized outcrop is attached.
  • Examination by consulting geologists working for Decade Resources in 2020 confirmed the location and nature of the 2019 sampling, and discovered more mineralized occurrences to the north in an upslope direction from Nelson Creek (assays are awaited).
  • Nelson Creek, lying immediately to the south of the copper-gold bearing showings, is known to have produced coarse, placer gold in the 1930’s. A definite source for this gold has not yet been found.
  • Geophysical surveys by Teuton in previous years indicated EM anomalies extending north from the Del Norte project into the Lord Nelson tenures.  One of these anomalies on the Del Norteis spatially associated with the LG vein, a known high-grade gold occurrence with a minimum 1.2 km strike length.
  • A series of ZTEM anomalies were identified in a multi-property survey in 2018. The northernmost of these is on the Lord Nelson property.  Of this anomaly, Geotech’s geophysicists stated that it: “coincides with a strong Aerotem conductor.  It lies at the contact between volcanics and sediments of the Hazelton Group. This target is stretching roughly in the NS direction over a distance of >1.8 km and has an estimated resistivity of < 50 ohm-m at depth of 300m. It occurs within a zone of complex structural pattern and represents probably the northern extension of the conductor that hosts the LG vein system. “


Highlights of work to date on the Lord Nelson property include:

  • Exploration on the Lord Nelson tenures indicate gold-copper bearing stringers in a stockwork zone that is at least 120m to 200m wide.
  • Work to date indicates that the zone appears to be at least 1.2 km long.
  • Gold values ranging from 0.7 g/t to 475 g/t and copper values ranging from 1.4 to 11.9 % in grab samples were obtained.
  • The newly defined zone is along the Lord Nelson/Del Norte property boundary.


The following table shows the results for sampling on this newly outlined zone:

Sample Number Sample Type g/t Gold g/t Silver % Copper
A20-62 Grab* 36.5 133 0.72
A20-63 0.7m channel 10.3 98.7 0.74
A20-93 Grab* 5.18 15.4 1.4
A20-94 Grab* 475.0 >100 11.9
A20-95 Grab* 0.70 9.4 2.43
A20-96 Grab* 2.71 >100 8.59
A20-97 Grab* 3.23 41.4 3.1
KKM-03 Grab* 119.0 25.5 8.99
KKM-04 Grab* 32.0 26.0 3.56


*Grab samples are solely designed to show the presence or absence of any mineralization and to characterize the metal tenor in this mineralization. Grab samples are by definition selective and not intended to provide nor should be construed as a representative indication of grade or mineralization at the property; and the grab samples analysed from the property reflect a broad range in grade from below detection limit to the grades highlighted herein.

Sampling was conducted over an area that was at least 100 m in diameter where mineralization was exposed. A photo of mineralized outcrop showing abundant copper carbonates is attached.

Mr. Ed Kruchkowski, P.Geo (British Columbia), is the Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101 who has examined and reviewed this page and geological information available from public sources related to the property, and is responsible for approving the technical contents of this page. The Qualified Person has not completed sufficient work to verify the historic information on the Property, particularly in regards to the historical drill results and any sampling. However, the Qualified Person believes that drilling and analytical results were completed to industry standard practices. The information provides an indication of the exploration potential of the Property but may not be representative of expected results.

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