Goat Property

The Goat property is located about 34 kilometers northeast of Stewart, British Columbia in the Skeena Mining Division.   It covers a series of fault related quartz veins in an area of Jurassic Hazelton pyroclastic volcanic rocks and Cretaceous Bowser Lake sedimentary rocks. The claims also follow the contact zone between the Mt Dilworth rhyolite and overlying Salmon River sedimentary formations, a similar stratigraphic sequence as that hosting the Eskay Creek deposit and the BA mineralization being explored approximately 8 km to the south of the property.

The property consists of 8 claims totaling 1210.40 hectares in the Golden Triangle district of British Columbia owned 100 % by the Company.

The claims cover the Goat Deposit, which consists of a parallel series of polymetallic silver - gold-zinc-lead veins that are crudely laminated sulphide-quartz-siderite veins with massive sphalerite and disseminated to massive arsenopyrite, pyrite, tetrahedrite, freibergite and minor galena. The Goat Deposit was a historic producer during the late 1970’s with reported production of about 4,159 tonnes of ore with an average grade of 563 grams per tonne (g/t) silver, 1.72 g/t gold and 1.65 per cent (%) zinc with minor lead and copper from 3,186 tonnes of milled ore. A historic resource of 8,800 tonnes grading 4,782.9 g/t silver and 10.6 g/t gold was reported in 1979, however the resource is not compliant with National Instrument 43-101 guidelines.

Previous work by Decade conducted during 2011, 2016 and 2017 was primarily focused on exploration for Kuroko type VMS deposits along the northern and western part of the property. Several different mineralization types were indicated from this work.

Highlights of the previous Decade sampling included:

  • The presence of Kuroko type VMS mineralization along the western portion of the claims.
  • The presence of high grade silver with gold associated with lead - zinc bearing rocks along the northern part of the property.

In the 2019 geochemical program, a total of 159 float and bedrock samples were collected. Sampling was carried out along moraines and valley bottoms in an attempt to locate the source of the Kuroko type mineralization. Sampling also tested for gold - silver mineralization in float rocks below the North mineral showing. Samples were taken of any pyritiferous, manganese stained or sulphide bearing bedrock or float boulders. Sampling indicated values ranging from <5 ppb to 5.82 g/t gold, <0.2 to 1270 g/t silver, < 1 ppm to 2.51 % copper, <2 ppm to 6.51 % lead and 27ppm to 10 % zinc.

Highlights of the sampling include;

  • 541 g/t Ag with 2.41 % Pb and 2.52 % Zn in float sample GNK-12A
  • 395 g/t Ag with 5.51 % Pb and 10.0 % Zn in float sample A19-123
  • 0.23 % Mo from bedrock sample GTKM19-29
  • 5.82 g/t Au and 1270 g/t Ag in float sample A19-130 below the North Showing.

GNK-12A is boulder with fragments of sulphide in a mudstone matrix indicating a formation close to the vent area. It is distinctive in that it had no apparent iron staining on the outside. Polished sections of the rock show fine disseminated galena as well as clasts of sphalerite. Sample A19-123 has bedded base metal sulphides, namely sphalerite and minor galena.

Outcrop sample GTKM19-29 is a strongly epidote quartz-carbonate-garnet altered/replaced, dark-green to almost black meta-volcanic rock; locally skarn. Sulphide mineralization includes coarse crystalline pyrite, minor chalcopyrite and common molybdenite.

Work during 2020 will extend the molybdenite showing and continue to explore for the source of high grade silver float on the property.

1st Photo

View looking at South Goat Glacier valley from historic mine access road.

2nd Photo

Photo showing middle access adit. Rails in front of portal are part of hoist system from ore unload and supply point.

3rd Photo

Photo showing underground workings with a compressor in opening. Ore bin for truck load at bottom of rails.

4th Photo

Top adit along one of several vein systems being mined.

5th Photo

View of both the bottom portions of South and North goat Glacier valleys.

6th Photo

Slope along the South Goat Glacier valley.

7th Photo

View of North Goat Glacier valley floor.


View of old mine road on right side of South Goat Glacier valley.



View looking of North mineral zone-rusty rocks in middle of photo.

Goat 2019 samples – PL4

Close up of felsic rocks with anomalous silver and zinc. Sample GNK19-12A assayed 541 g/t silver.

Goat 2019 samples – PL5

Sample GTKM19-29 location and molybdenum value assaying 0.23 %.

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