Del Norte Property

The Del Norte property is located 34 km east of Stewart in the Skeena Mining Division.  The property consists of 13 mineral tenures (claims) covering 5830 hectares which are 100 percent owned by Teuton Resources.

Decade Resources has the right to earn up to a 55 % interest under the following terms:

  • Payment of $400,000 over 4 years with an initial payment of $20,000.
  • Issuing 800,000 shares of Decade on signing.
  • Issuing $180,000 of Decade stock over a 4-year period.
  • Expenditures of $4,000,000 over 5 years.

Decade has the right to earn an additional 20% by placing the property into production.

The Del Norte project covers an eight-kilometre-long north-south mineralized belt that hosts multiple gold showings in the same geological environment as the Eskay Creek gold mine. Significantly, three gold-bearing streams intersect the property; namely Nelson, Del Norte and Willoughby Creeks with Nelson Creek supporting a gold placer mining operation in the 1930s.

The Company has completed a highly successful 2020 exploration program on the properties. Highlights include:

  • Location of 4 new zones of high grade silver-gold zones on the Del Norte.
  • High grade zones include the Kosciuszko, LG, Argo, Eagle’s Nest, New and PB.
  • High grade silver-gold drill intersections on the newly outlined Argo zone.

Eight main types of mineralization occur on the property consisting of the following:

  1.  Quartz veins and breccia. The LG Vein, Kosciuszko Zone, Eagle’s Nest, Argo, New, SP, PB and LG Extension Zone are examples marked by a distinct alteration halo, with a propylitic zone constituting the outer envelope of the mineralization. Galena, sphalerite, pyrite and minor chalcopyrite and tetrahedrite are common in these quartz veins
  2. Coarse crystalline base metal in shear zones. Zinc-lead rich zones vary from stringer stockworks (Twilight. Gorley) to massive and banded (Grizzly). Disseminated. fracture filling. vein and banded sulphides and oxides consist of specular hematite, sphalerite. galena, pyrite and traces of chalcopyrite.
  3. Gold – copper rich fissure style mineralization occurs associated with more obvious quartz veining and stringer networks in generally more felsic volcanics. Sulphides consist of chalcopyrite and pyrite, occurring mainly in the veins or stringers. Zones with this type of mineralization include Monk, East Cliffs, Copper-Gold, Humdinger, Downie (Hardpan Creek area) “14 oz’ and North Nelson zones.
  4. The only gold-copper replacement horizon found to date is the O-Zone. In the O- Zone, disseminated and fracture filling chalcopyrite pyrite (1 – 5 %) pervade a phyllic and argillic altered horizon which has been overprinted by extensive, moderate ankerite-carbonate alteration probably related to faulting and fracturing.
  5. Porphyry copper-gold mineralization showing intrusive textures and in places, intense K-feldspar alteration.
  6. Kuroko type VMS deposit. Fragments of massive to semi-massive banded sphalerite up to 10 cm has been noted in brecciated volcanics along the Argo zone. No zones have been located but the fragments suggest a nearby zone.
  7. Fracture and shear hosted pyrite, pyrrhotite, arsenopyrite and minor chalcopyrite forming zones up to 1-2 m wide. The Crackle and Croesus zones are examples of this mineralization.
  8. Fine acicular arsenopyrite crystals in felsic rocks intersected in the Argo zone.

A total of 4862.94 meters of NQ size drill core was completed in 22 separate drill holes from 5 different pads.  Drilling tested the north and depth extension of the Kosciuszko zone with 2 holes, the newly identified Argo zone with 13 holes and the Eagle’s Nest zone with 6 holes. Drill highlights are shown below:

DDH # Zone From (m) To(m) Width (m) Au g/t Ag g/t Ag g/t eq
DN-20-1 Kosciuszko 162.69 164.69 1.8 4.50 754.0 1078.0*
DN20-10 Eagle’s Nest 90.68 96.93 6.2 5.3 35.88 433.38
DN20-18 Argo 192.18 250.55 58.37 0.86 55.45 119.95
Incl 227.91 231.65 4.95 6.03 597.39 1049.64
DN20-19 Argo 154.84 161.85 7.01 5.3 86.39 483.89
DN20-20 Argo 109.2 143.1 34.09 2.02 69.53 221.03
Incl 109.2 111.48 2.46 17.5 815.98 2128.48
Incl 139.67 143.1 3.43 4.14 38.6 349.1

Analytical values have been rounded.  True widths are unknown at this time.

*Silver-equivalent values for gold and silver only (no base metals), calculated assuming 100% metal recovery.  Assumptions:  US$25/oz silver, US$1800/oz gold:  1:72 ratio.  

Highlights of surface sampling is shown below:

Eagle’s Nest Zone Sampling
Sample Sample Ag Au Pb Zn
Number Type g/t g/t % %
ENKM-76 Grab 5220 22.7 25.6 0.075
ENKM-77 0.6 m chip 675 15.9 2.48 0.556
ENKM-76 0.4 m chip 957 66.9 1.49 0.017
New Zone Sampling
A20-75 Grab 1520 22.2 1.8 0.31
 Kosciuszko/SP zone
Chip Line 3.8m 411.12 6.12 1.31 0.54
including 1.4m 1100 15.6 3.48 1.31
Chip Line 2.0 m 242.95 2.2 0.43 0.21
including 1.0 m 484 4.26 0.857 0.387
PB Zone
A20-133 Grab 649 12.4 5.1 0.106
ERK 895** Grab 2678.6 4.98 8.75 0.94
ERK 896** Float 4232.2 13.59 45.45 4.18

The Company plans to continue drilling and surface sampling during the 2021 field season.

Mr. Ed Kruchkowski, P.Geo (British Columbia), is the Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101 who has examined and reviewed this page and geological information available from public sources related to the property, and is responsible for approving the technical contents of this page. The Qualified Person has not completed sufficient work to verify the historic information on the Property, particularly in regards to the historical drill results and any sampling. However, the Qualified Person believes that drilling and analytical results were completed to industry standard practices. The information provides an indication of the exploration potential of the Property but may not be representative of expected results.

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Download Del Norte 43-101 Report: Click Here

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